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Finding Consistency and Results at Treign Performance

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Meet Brett Ahrens - Treign Performance Member since June 2021

We would like to celebrate Brett for all the hard work he has put in since starting with us! Brett has seen great results so far and he gives thanks to consistency, great workouts and a supportive community!

We asked Brett to share what his experience has been like at Treign Performance and how it has impacted him. Since June Brett has been able to lose 28 lbs and reduce his body fat by 5% percent and loss 5 inches, while getting stronger and fitter during that time! Brett has made a great effort to stay consistent and work on his nutrition to help him reach his goals!

How would you describe your first year at Treign Performance?

It’s been a great experience! Of course, there are a

lot of times it is physically challenging but overall, I felt like it was a smooth transition from working out infrequently, to doing personal training and then to attending classes. I feel more comfortable now picking appropriate weights and scaling and I feel there is always support available to help me.

How has it impacted you?

I was making an effort to workout but hit a plateau and was getting frustrated. Since starting at Treign it has changed the way I feel about working out, especially strength training. I found something I enjoy and see myself staying committed. Being here shows me that these type of workouts don’t have to be scary or overwhelming.

Do you have any memorable moments?

The most meaningful thing is the community here, there is that sense of care and accountability and that has helped me stay motivated and know that people care about how I’m doing but also to keep me going!

What has been your biggest accomplishment this past year?

For me it has been staying consistent and sticking to a routine! I don’t look for excuses to not go and now do my best to still workout even if I have a conflict. I hate missing a workout!

What is your favorite movement to do?

Cleans because they are challenging. They require a lot of coordination and I have definitely improved over time! Feels good when I complete a heavy one!

What is your least favorite movements to do?

Wall Balls and Burpees, especially when they are together in a workout!

Why do you Treign?

For my health, my health markers weren’t in a good place and I needed help. Since starting I have made great progress and its exciting to see my numbers have been consistently improving!

2022 Goals?

Mostly continue to be committed to staying active, continue working towards health goals, continue to improve my strength and fitness levels!

We are proud of Brett and the progress he has made and look forward to see him continue to get fitter, stronger, and healthier! - Treign Performance Coaches

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